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CrossFit Classes

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CrossFit Classes

Our classes could be described as personal training in a group setting. We use a reservation system to make sure we keep our coach to athlete ratio small so that everyone gets the attention and help they need. Hour long classes are offered at convenient times throughout the day.  They are coach led from beginning to end, so all you need to worry about is showing up regularly...we've got the rest!

You will learn and improve every time you come in.  We are highly involved in your fitness experience and will make sure you make good decisions about weight, intensity, and volume. We will correct form to keep you safe and moving more efficiently.

What to expect?


Our highly skilled and experienced in-house programmer carefully plans our workouts. The Workout Of the Day (WOD) is released in advance on SugarWOD (workout log app) and details about the workout are explained in our Spartan WODcast on YouTube for those who are interested in preparing before class.

During Class

All of our CrossFit Classes are led by a certified coach and follow a plan. Classes begin and end on time and follow this basic structure:

The coach will lead the class through a dynamic warm up
The coach will do what we call a "whiteboard talk" where the details of the workout are covered and questions are answered
The coach will explain and demonstrate the movements in the workout
The class will be led through a specific warm up, giving athletes the opportunity to practice and refine skills under a watchful eye
A thorough walk through of the workout will take place. The coach will suggest proper scaling to athletes to ensure they stay safe while preserving the intention of the workout. Equipment will be set up and movements will be practiced and corrected with workout loads
The workout will begin at "3, 2, 1, GO." The music is turned up and everyone enjoys a solid workout! The coach will help make corrections and jump in as needed to ensure safety and to motivate athletes
Athletes cool down, give fist bumps, and bond over the challenges of the day!


Results are logged in the SugarWOD app. The goal of logging results is to keep track of progress and to build a sense of community. We support each other and celebrate victories together!

Common Questions

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