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Before joining regular CrossFit classes, athletes new to CrossFit must complete Foundations. Classes assume you have a basic level of understanding and familiarity with movements, modifications, terms, equipment, and workouts. The Foundations Course helps acquaint you with our world. Our one-on-one training is tailored to what you need and is scheduled outside of class times when possible. By the end of Foundations, you and your coach will feel good about your ability to manage classes.

What to expect

Foundations can take anywhere from 1-5 sessions to complete. Most of our new athletes complete Foundations in 3 sessions, but sometimes we need to add on a session or two to help you get more comfortable with the movements. More advanced athletes who are familiar with most of the movements may qualify for our Refresher course which is done in one 90 min session.  

Each one hour session follows the same format. You'll begin with a simple warm up. Then a coach will teach and demonstrate a variety of movements and their modifications. You'll have the you opportunity to practice and experiment with each of these movements to discover appropriate modifications for your current level of fitness. Barbell work will be done with a simple PVC pipe. This allows us to slow movement down and emphasize technique without fatigue. As you get more comfortable, you will also experiment with a barbell. Following the instruction portion of the class, you will complete a short CrossFit workout.

Once you can demonstrate the ability to do the movements in a safe manner, you may join our regular CrossFit classes. However, there is no rush...some athletes prefer to stick to personal training for a while before adding in the complexity of doing CrossFit in a group setting.

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