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Getting Started is Easy

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Expect to spend about 30 mins at our gym. This consult is an important first step in your journey at Spartan CrossFit.

First, we'll give you a quick tour of the facility. Then, we will sit down and spend a little time getting to know you and what you hope to accomplish. From there, we will tell you about our program and answer any questions you might have including things like:

  • What do I have to do to start?
  • What happens if I can't do things like pull-ups?
  • How can your program help me change my body composition?
  • Will I be able to work around an issue or injury?
  • Am I too old or out of shape to CrossFit? (No, you aren't.)

With a better understanding of your history, goals, and fears, we will determine the next best steps for you on your fitness journey.

Your first visit is a great way to determine if Spartan CrossFit is a good fit for you. You'll have a better understanding about what we do, and you will also walk away with some great advice.

How it works

  • Register here
  • Arrive a few minutes before and check-in at our front desk
  • One of our coaches will greet you and show you around


Nothing. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or it's the first time you have ever stepped foot in a gym, this is your starting point.

Common Questions


Your first visit is on us!
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Trusted and loved by hundreds of Lansing Residents

Conveniently located 5 minutes south of I-69 at the intersection of US Highway 27 and State Rd

Spartan CrossFit is easily accessible from all of Lansing.

15990 S US Highway 27, Lansing, MI, 48906
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Do something today that no one else will, and tomorrow you'll do something that no one else can.

Schedule a Free Consult
Schedule a Free Consult
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