Nora Longthorne

Nora Longthorne


Ran The Boston Marathon

Qualified for Crossfit Games quarterfinals in 2021, 2022 and 2023

Placed 16th at the Legends Championship in 2022


Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

Certified Nurse Practitioner


I was a marginal athlete in high school and always tended to be a bit overweight. After I got married, was even less active than before. After my third child was born, I started doing aerobics and spin classes. Then a close college friend did an Ironman triathlon. I was inspired to start swimming, biking, and running. I did triathlon for several years (and lost 30 or so pounds along the way). I then decided to run a marathon. At the end of my first marathon, I realized that I could do better and registered for my second marathon. In that marathon, I qualified for Boston. While training for Boston, I realized that running 5 days per week was too much and that I needed to incorporate some type of cross-training. That is when I found CrossFit. Since then (late 2011), I have enjoyed the challenge of the WOD 4-5 days per week. CrossFit has taught me discipline and perseverance as well as humility and grace. I LOVE that CrossFit allows every person who does it moments of success and failure. We learn how to celebrate others' triumphs while improving how our weaknesses. It is a sport that is individual but has a team of people who support and encourage us at every workout.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

I am a nurse practitioner and have a true passion for helping people lead healthier lives. I love CrossFit and firmly believe that is a positive transformative experience for those of us who do it. I wanted to get certified as a CrossFit coach so that I could share my passion for the sport in an official manner.

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