Joe Martin

Joe Martin


Deadlift 545lbs
Clean & Jerk 280lbs
5k 26 minutes
2:05 Grace
CrossFit Total 1,115lbs
2x Ironman Full Finisher


Crossfit Level 1
Personal Training Certification


I have had to teach myself a lot in life. Nobody is here to just spoon-feed you. I have always believed you have to keep your head up, push through, and work hard for yourself. Working hard for your family sometimes takes a loss. As a divorced father of 3, I had to go through the loss of my family unit to find true love for my children. Nothing is more important than them. I will work hard, and make decisions with them at the forefront driving that decision. When they think of their father, I want them to think he is a hard-working and strong leader of their hearts, who will always be there for them. In grade school, I wrestled and played lacrosse and football. I hit hard and had lots of energy. Wrestling was by far my favorite of the 3. My junior year of high school brought on a huge change where I suffered a life-changing knee injury, and after surgery, the doctor said I would never be the same again. I accepted this for many years and the drive to be better at sports or athletics went away. Obviously, and thank God, it didn't stay this way! I have competed in 16 Crossfit Competitions. Solo, Team, etc. I placed in a few of them as well. I learned how to move my body and push myself. Furthermore, I have completed two full distance Ironman races and several 70.3 triathlon races. I found myself through triathlon. I love that it has proven that anyone can conquer big goals. I'm someone who doesn't fit the norm for a triathlete and I still made it happen. I enjoy the training involved in both sports. And I have found that CrossFit enables me to be a better triathlete.

Turning Point

My story comes from a big physical change. In 2012, I was nearly 350lbs. I did not workout and I didn't care much for my physical appearance. I got yearly physicals, and even though the numbers were OK, I was clearly unhealthy.  I would easily get out of breath without the kind of effort that would justify it. Doctors told me to lose weight, but I didn't take it seriously because it didn't bother me much. At the time I had one child and she had just started walking. And I was a dad that couldn't always keep up. This was a shame. I started developing kidney stones and my cholesterol neared 200, so I was due for a change. Fast forward a year later... I learned about caloric intake, changed my habits, and lost nearly 100lbs. Furthermore, I began to like working out. Running on a treadmill was a great beginning, but then I wanted to shape myself a bit. I found my solution in CrossFit. I have always considered myself strong, but CrossFit allowed me to find something I never had. The athletic intensity and feel-goods from CrossFit were amazing. I would go so far as to say it has saved my life and invented much of the person I am today. This is why I chose to give back with my Personal Trainer certification and started coaching people moving and how to do it better. A few years later I went after my CrossFit Level 1 to celebrate my success with Crossfit. I want people to love this sport as I do, and nothing is more rewarding than helping people push themselves beyond what they thought was possible.

Motivation & Passion

My motivation is to make everyone move better and have a better quality of life. I am walking proof that anyone can experience a massive transformation. I will work hard and do my personal best as a coach to make class fun, safe, and challenging. I also really support Spartan CrossFit. I believe in the programming, love the people, and the facility. I also believe I am never "good enough", meaning my job to learn, research, or gain new knowledge is never complete. I will work for my athletes and I am interested in providing personal training if they want to improve further without the pressure of the class.

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