Upcoming Snatch Clinic with Olympian Fred Lowe

Improve your snatch with coaching from Olympian Fred Lowe
By Annabel Burba
Semma Burba
October 14, 2022
Upcoming Snatch Clinic with Olympian Fred Lowe


19 NOV 22


Spartan CrossFit (Located at 15990 S US 27, Lansing)


All levels and athletes are welcome!

The Olympic lifts, properly executed, are the most efficient way to build and enhance strength, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy of movement. Done in sufficient volume, they are also now shown to significantly contribute to stamina and cardio-respiratory endurance. More importantly, strength of hip flexion/extension is directly linked to ambulatory ability in late life.

The Olympic lifts are a part of our programming for good reason.  However, many athletes express discomfort with the intricacies of these moves.  Are you ready to figure them out?  Join us on a deep dive into the Olympic lifts as we welcome coach and Olympian Fred Lowe to Spartan CrossFit.  He will kick things off with a Snatch Clinic that will benefit all abilities this November.  After the clinic, he will continue to help build comfort and proficiency with regular practice during hour long lifting sessions.

About Fred Lowe

Fred Lowe has competed in Olympic weightlifting for forty-eight years. His achievements in the open and masters divisions of weightlifting have resulted in his induction into six halls of fame and have garnered numerous awards and special accolades. He is now actively involved in coaching athletes specializing in Olympic weightlifting as well as providing movement education to hundreds of CrossFit athletes in CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer specialty seminars as well as day clinics throughout the U.S.


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