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6/12 Tuesday


Hang squat clean 115:80
Bench press 155/105
Cal Row
10:00 cap


Great job yesterday, Tribe! Today’s workout is a little bit more “simple”, by explanation only, however. Our main focus today is bar cycling and speed thru smooth execution. Unbroken is important, but not a necessity for a good score. However, barbell cycling is a requirement for a good score. Focus on the ideal that “smooth is fast”, maintain a solid pace, but not too quick for your own good. Ramp up with each successful round. By the time you hit the round of 9, all bets are off. “Grip it and rip it!” For the hang squat cleans, the bar must start at a hang below the knee each rep, each clean must pass thru (but not required to be caught in) a squat. Scale loads for this movement. The bench press is self explanatory, but I’d like to challenge each of us to think about pushing yourself down thru the bench each rep as you push the bar up. Scale loads for this movement. For the rower, scale the calories if needed to assist in completing the wod in under the time cap. Try to avoid scaling reps on bench and cleans in order to keep loads up. The stimulus would prefer lesser load and intensity thru movement rather than thru heavier loads. Good luck, TRiBE!


– M


Monday June 11, 2018

10 deadlifts 315/205
15 box step overs 50/35
20 Ghd sit-ups
25 wall ball shots

12:00 cap

The main focus of today’s WOD are the deadlifts. While choosing a safe load that will allow you to maintain the integrity of the lift, choose the heaviest load that will challenge you without co priding your form. The rest of the wod is where we find fine flexibility. The heavy deadlift precursor will negatively (but really positively) impact the rest of the movements in the round, while simultaneously those “accessory” moves will impact the subsequent deadlifts. Let’s take the step overs first. Load/ height could be addressed from a scaling standpoint. You may choose to lower the height of the box while keeping the “RX” load. Or, you may keep the RX height for the box and scale the loads. Next, we’ll look at the sit-ups. Obviously the GHd stimulus is greater than the abmat sit-up, that said, we can still use the abmat as a scale for our GHd by simply adding an external load (med ball, DB). Finally the wall ball shots. Here we will focus on wrapping up the round with some intensity to slingshot our way into the next round / finish line, so choose your loads/ height target to ensure you have at least the ability to go unbroken.
The time cap reflects the appropriate stimulus for today’s workout, make sure you address all scaling options to at least give yourself a chance to finish within the cap. Good luck, TRIBE!



Athlete Profile: Semma

Name: Semma Burba

fullsizeoutput_2f19Occupation: Nutrition/CrossFit/Mental Toughness Coach & Business Owner

How you found SCF: I saw a college friend post crazy workout photos on Facebook over 5 years ago.  She looked super fit and the workouts looked so fun!  I was at a point where I dreaded my tv treadmill workouts and needed something more.  I looked up CrossFit in my area and found SCF.  It took one session and I was all in.

Favorite thing about CF: Gaining a sense of badassery.  I was an overweight and out of shape stay at home mom who was embarrassed by what I had become.  CrossFit saved me.  It regularly challenges me and gives me purpose, confidence, capability, gratitude, and humility.

Favorite WOD: Fran

Least fav WOD: Fran.  It was my very first benchmark workout experience, and it will forever give me butterflies when it shows up on the whiteboard. 

Favorite Movement: Handstand walk

Least Favorite Movement: Snatch.  I’m working on our relationship.

12 month goal: comfortably snatch 155, compete in a sprint triathlon, compete in an oly meet, play 5 new sports, do a CF competition with Annie

Something interesting about me:  I trained my dog to find lost/missing people (dead or alive).  There is no way you could hide in the woods and not have him find you.  Let me know if you want to try…

Who is next: Paige