4150 Hunsaker St., Suite A, East Lansing, MI 48823 (map)

Athlete Profile: Emma Thompson

Name: Emma Thompson

Occupation: Full-time MSU studentfullsizeoutput_21ed

How you found SCF: It was the one that people told me about in the area.

Fav thing about CF: How friendly and encouraging everyone is around you. People cheer eachother on and genuinely care how you are doing.

Favorite WOD: Grace

Least fav WOD: 17.1 (DB snatches and burpee box jump overs) Never again.

Favorite Movement: Anything with a barbell

Least fav Movement: barfees

12 month goal: Not suck at cardio

Something interesting about me: I’m colorblind so I stop at every blinking light just in case. Better safe than sorry

Who is next: Drizzy Drew


Athlete Profile: Joey Higgins

Name: Joseph Patrick Michael Higgins

Occupation/degree: BA, EconomicsCD6D343D-DEC0-4DAD-8D76-3AFB2C331132

How you found SCF: It was the only gym close enough to bike to!

Fav thing about CF: Matej. Jk, I️ love everything about it. The drive it instills, the effectiveness, the community, and how happy it makes me!

Favorite WOD: Any WOD done with friends !

Least fav WOD: I️ don’t really think I️ have one, even if a WOD sucks I️ still love it!

Favorite Movement: Deadlifts

Least fav Movement: Everything but deadlifts

12 month goal: Beat Patty Ice aka Alpha aka Cardi P at the open, and continue to grow with the sport!

Something interesting about me: I️ can do a mean impression of a surfer (and a Slovak!)

Who is next: Emma


Rise and Grind


We are trying out a new class time this week!  There is a lot of interest, but who will rise to the occasion?

Introducing 5am.