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Category: Workout of the day (WOD)

Wednesday June something, 2018

Amrap 10:00
3 power snatch 95/65
6 jumping lunges
12 double unders

Two tough wods to start the week Tribe! Moving into Wednesday with a nice burner amrap! 10:00 is all it asks for! Is there a focus? Not really! Is there a scale, sure, but not super in need of scales. With a relatively light load for the snatch, scale accordingly knowing the intention is no rest during the snatches. Practice bar cycling during these. The lunges, if you need to scale, first take the jump out and simply do stationary lunges. Next, the dubs. Let’s go 2/1 on singles if a scale is needed. Good luck, Tribe!


Monday June something 2000 something

4 rounds for time
20 Burpee pull-ups
20 front squats
20 box step overs (long way 20” 50/35)

Ready for another awesome week,Tribe?! Here.we.go. Finally a wod without a true “focus”. No movement has more importance than another in this triplet. The movements and loads are pretty evenly matched. Each set should take roughly the same chunk of time as the next. So if you are considering scales, make sure your set of front squats won’t take 3:00 while your burpee pull-ups take 7:00. Not that those are accurate time forecasts, merely pointing out that a discrepancy this large should be avoided at all costs. Because, if this happens, it would mean an emphasis or importance has been placed on the sets of Burpee pull-ups. I’m going to say this is going to take (should take) an average of around 16:00. Focus more on that time, than working on your front squat loading or Burpee cycling. Good luck, Tribe!



Amrap 15:00

200 dubs

50 hang dB snatch

50 ring dips

FriYAY! A moderately timed amrap to round out our week of programming. Less emphasis on the anterior chain, so prepare to have the backside lit up! More hanging movements from below the knee, only unilateral this time which means more focus on staying balanced and having good spacial awareness. The dips are to counteract the pull on the snatch, as well as to add another layer of instability thru movement. While not unilateral, the ring dip requires the same type of proximal effort as the snatch. The dubs are merely a precursor / speed bump to the real work. So what’s the emphasis today??? Well we know it’s not the precursor, right? Right. Could it be the weightlifting? Or the gymnastics? Maybe both? Whichever you’re weakest on should be the focus. If you’re a monster on weights, focus on working your body weight weakness today. If you will fly thru the dips, work on your weightlifting. Ultimately the right answer was Both. Use the dubs to slingshot yourself into a good metcon couplet with yet again , more push pull combo. Scale the dubs 1:1 singles, scale the dips with a band and scale the load of the snatch. Here we go tribe, happy Friday!


Wednesday June 13, 2018

Amrap 8:00
30 SDHP 75/55
30 thrusters 75/55

Goal 4 rounds

Phew! Tuesday is over and never coming back! How tough was that wod?! On to the next one! A “simple” couplet, classic style CrossFit wod. Single modality, push/pull couplet that will have that dreaded Fran feel. First, take a look at that goal, 4 rounds! Your first scale is asking yourself the question, how can I achieve that goal? Don’t scale volume on this one! Amraps are a great place to learn about load limitations. Let’s do some math, 4 rounds means 240 reps! In 8 minutes?! That’s 480 seconds. One rep every two seconds means YOU HAVE TO KEEP MOVING! While 75:55 aren’t very heavy loads, this is all relative. For 90 reps, this load would be extremely light or at least extremely manageable. At 150 reps it would still be light. At 240 reps in sub 8 minutes, it has potential to get very spicy first, and even heavy and unmanageable in the later rounds. No worries, 4 isn’t mandatory, however, as close to that as possible is certainly going to guarantee you’ve hit the nail on the head of today’s intended stimulus. Good luck today, Tribe!


Monday June 11, 2018

10 deadlifts 315/205
15 box step overs 50/35
20 Ghd sit-ups
25 wall ball shots

12:00 cap

The main focus of today’s WOD are the deadlifts. While choosing a safe load that will allow you to maintain the integrity of the lift, choose the heaviest load that will challenge you without co priding your form. The rest of the wod is where we find fine flexibility. The heavy deadlift precursor will negatively (but really positively) impact the rest of the movements in the round, while simultaneously those “accessory” moves will impact the subsequent deadlifts. Let’s take the step overs first. Load/ height could be addressed from a scaling standpoint. You may choose to lower the height of the box while keeping the “RX” load. Or, you may keep the RX height for the box and scale the loads. Next, we’ll look at the sit-ups. Obviously the GHd stimulus is greater than the abmat sit-up, that said, we can still use the abmat as a scale for our GHd by simply adding an external load (med ball, DB). Finally the wall ball shots. Here we will focus on wrapping up the round with some intensity to slingshot our way into the next round / finish line, so choose your loads/ height target to ensure you have at least the ability to go unbroken.
The time cap reflects the appropriate stimulus for today’s workout, make sure you address all scaling options to at least give yourself a chance to finish within the cap. Good luck, TRIBE!