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11/1 Thursday

Happy 8th Anniversary SCF!!!

8 years ago today, Spartan CrossFit became the first box in the Greater Lansing Area.  Michael was a personal trainer at the Y when he was first introduced to CrossFit.  He fell in love with CrossFit and trained himself and others as best as he could with inadequate equipment.  He couldn’t help but want more, however, the closest box was about an hour drive.  Wanting to make his passion accessible to others, he took quite a leap of faith and journeyed down an unmarked path in order to open the doors to Spartan CrossFit. This is the essay he wrote for his affiliate application in 2010.  It is hung on the bathroom wall at the box.  Have a read and enjoy some Spartan CrossFit history.


AMRAP 14:00

8 Muscle Ups 

20 GHD Sit-Ups 

10 Deficit HSPU 6”/3”



10/31 Wednesday

Happy Halloween!

(Costumes definitley make the workout more entertaining, but they certainly aren’t mandatory… Feel free to take our minds off of all of those presses and pulls with your creativity!)



Bench Press 135/95




Will Athlete Profile

Name: Will Devaney

Occupation: Student pursuing a degree in
Electrical Engineering

How you found SCF: Invited by a friend

Fav thing about CF: Everything

Favorite WOD: Filthy Fifty

Least fav WOD: Fran

Favorite Movement: The Snatch

Least fav Movement: Thrusters

12 month goal: Compete in a competition

Something interesting about me: I’m somewhat mediocre at surfing

Who is next: Claire



10/30 Tuesday


30 Rounds For Time 

1 Deadlift 365/255

10 Cal Row 

*30:00 cap 



10/29 Monday


12:00 to heavy Snatch


“WPZA Qualifier #7”

Every 2 mins on 2 min:

8 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24”/20”

8 Hang Power Snatches

8 Thrusters

*115/80 both bars