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Alright tribe! Sorry for the late post! But it’s FRIDAY! So today we will do an interesting take on a CrossFit benchmark work out. The original benchmark work out a fight gone bad, was designed to simulate a mixed martial arts bout. Then there is the 5 km run. So which one are we focusing on today? Well, today is a choose your own adventure type day. You can use the thousand meter run as a dip in your task priority action, or you can use the 50 reps of each movement as small hurdles in your 5K run. Either way it promises to be a great work out, with a 45 minute time cap, we’ll certainly have our Work(cut)out for us! Scale each movement so that if you were so inclined you could go unbroken. Do not go heavy. It’s not that type of party. Good luck tribe!


Thursday same thing I’ve been saying, 2018

9534170D-A435-41BB-B623-3F4A1FFBD498Almost the weekend, Tribe! So many things today! What is the focus today? Recovery. Today’s wod is asking us to give a max effort, in fact a death by effort, then recover in a short amount of time, then turn up again for a brutal couplet burner. 🤢 the run, we’ll start with 10m on the first minute and then add 10m to each subsequent minute until you can no longer complete the required work within the minute. Your rest starts immediately after the last minute you attempt the run. Then it’s off to the races on mildly heavy thrusters and rope climbs. Go as heavy as you can in the thrusters. Climb the rope if possible, scale to a half rope climb if you can/ need to. Three lowers to each climb if you can’t yet climb the rope. Then go home and watch jersey shore! 💪🏽 good luck, Tribe!


Wednesday June something, 2018

Amrap 10:00
3 power snatch 95/65
6 jumping lunges
12 double unders

Two tough wods to start the week Tribe! Moving into Wednesday with a nice burner amrap! 10:00 is all it asks for! Is there a focus? Not really! Is there a scale, sure, but not super in need of scales. With a relatively light load for the snatch, scale accordingly knowing the intention is no rest during the snatches. Practice bar cycling during these. The lunges, if you need to scale, first take the jump out and simply do stationary lunges. Next, the dubs. Let’s go 2/1 on singles if a scale is needed. Good luck, Tribe!


Tuesday June something, 2018


Tuesday is for the mid-line. Monday was a wolf in sheeps clothing. Today we will focus on good form no scale L-sits. No scale meaning I want both feet off the ground. Or, at least elevated on two 45 lb plates with one foot resting on the plates and the other lifted. Each rest, you’ll perform the reps for the movement that corresponds to whichever break you’re on. The first three breaks will tax the primary focus muscles of the L-sit, the abdominals. The last three will focus on the secondary muscles of the L-sit, the triceps/ shoulders and chest. Scale each move as needed. Good luck, Tribe!


Monday June something 2000 something

4 rounds for time
20 Burpee pull-ups
20 front squats
20 box step overs (long way 20” 50/35)

Ready for another awesome week,Tribe?! Here.we.go. Finally a wod without a true “focus”. No movement has more importance than another in this triplet. The movements and loads are pretty evenly matched. Each set should take roughly the same chunk of time as the next. So if you are considering scales, make sure your set of front squats won’t take 3:00 while your burpee pull-ups take 7:00. Not that those are accurate time forecasts, merely pointing out that a discrepancy this large should be avoided at all costs. Because, if this happens, it would mean an emphasis or importance has been placed on the sets of Burpee pull-ups. I’m going to say this is going to take (should take) an average of around 16:00. Focus more on that time, than working on your front squat loading or Burpee cycling. Good luck, Tribe!