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Amrap 15:00

3 push press 135/95

6 hang power cleans 135/95

9 air squats


Subtlety. That’s the name of the game today. Humble looking rep scheme. Moderate amrap. Moderate loads. Devastatingly effective if done correctly. It looks a lot like it’s a triplet, but, it’s actually a couplet, the first nine reps aren’t the exact same ROM, however they essentially represent the first half of an eighteen rep Round. 3 push press and 6 hang power cleans need to be cycled together. I almost wrote a penalty for dropping, but I think we’ve seen enough of those wods where we can just start saying “don’t drop the bar, practice your cycling” and we’ll do it, right? Right. Smash each of the bar movements with smooth precision and start your first air squat before the bar hits the floor. Hit the ground running and don’t stop until the clock does. I want 20 rounds. Get it.



3 RFt

400m run

21 OHs 115/80

12 ring muscle ups


Here’s some skill for us, Tribe! Today we venture into a triplet that taps into weightlifting, gymnastics AND monostructural! 3 rounds with an 18:00 cap beginning with a 400m rum followed by 21 overhead squats at a moderate load, and then each round is wrapped with 12 ring muscle ups! The main focus are the muscle ups. More time will be spent on those twelve reps than on either of the other two. That said, the run and the OHS should be treated as a buffer between rounds of muscle ups. The scale for the muscle ups (today) is 2/1 pull-ups (on rings) and dips, or 1/1 Burpees pull-ups on rings. Don’t use the banded bar muscle ups today, get some ring work in! The load in the OHs should be addressed seriously, we don’t want that to be a large chunk of our time used up on them. Get after each run and leave as much time for the rest as you can. Good luck, Tribe!!




Not much hiding in the shadows on this one, Tribe! It’s a triplet with a couple scaling options, but the focus here is movement. Just keep moving. That’s it. The swings are pretty heavy, but the rest are more scaling ROM (throw ball lower, scale to knee push ups). If 70/50 can keep you moving, definitely go for it, if it’ll cause you to rest at all, scale the load! Do it! I’d like to see an average of 8/9 rounds per person. Get after it, Tribe!





Power snatch
Overhead squat
Push press

*5 Burpees on the minute

15:00 cap

Beat the clock, Tribe!  That’s the focus today.  If you  don’t, you went too heavy.  Speed and bar cycling are the keys today.  Don’t get caught up on loads, it’s a speedy 135+ rep WOD that will be gross regardless of load.  Keep rest times to a minimum because those 5 Burpees are going to eat up a lot of each minute.  Good luck, Tribe!