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Athlete Profile: NiNi

Name: Annie (NiNi) Burba

Occupation: High school student and hospital volunteer on Saturdays.fullsizeoutput_2a05

How you found SCF: I was just wondering through the woods and I happened upon this gym and coincidentally my mom was in there.  So I found a home.  And a mom.  And a gym.

Fav thing about CF:  Everything

Favorite WOD: Annie

Least fav WOD: Semma

Favorite Movement: Stretching

Least fav Movement: I have a lot.  Let’s say rowing.  I’m really slow at rowing.

12 month goal: Still be here

Something interesting about me:  My mom’s a coach 

Who is next: Semma (She insisted.  Also, Kyle kept forgetting and told me to pick someone in his place, so Annie was my pick.  Karma.)


Summer schedule

Tribe! Starting this week, we will no longer have an official 630 time slot. We haven’t had an official class in that time slot for a few months now, but it has been open gym. Until further notice (September) unless another coach is in the box using that time to workout themselves, the doors will close at 630pm. All other classes or on per usual