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Athlete Profile: Shelly Jones

Name: Shelly Jones

fullsizeoutput_1ddbOccupation: Mechanical Engineer

How you found SCF: I did a Google search for local Crossfit affiliates within a short radius of my home. I researched each online by looking at their webpages. I visited each and did their Introductory class. SCF was the clear winner.

Fav thing about CF: The challenging variety of the workouts plus the comradery of the members and coaches in supporting each person’s goals throughout their fitness journey

Favorite WOD: I like the “chipper” WODs. I’m better at endurance than pure sprint.

Least fav WOD: Grace. So much pain!

Favorite Movement: Strength movements like squats, deadlifts, overhead presses etc.

Least fav Movement: Barfees

12 month goal: I’ve come a long way in my first year of Crossfit but I still have much to learn. By this time next year, I’d like to be able to do full HSPUs, to string together kipping pull ups and do decent DUBS

Who do I nominate: Tim


Athlete Profile: Shiva Kumar

Name:  Shiva Kumar

(pronounced shiv-ah, like someone from Boston saying “shiver”)fullsizeoutput_1d36

Occupation: Software engineer.

How you found SCF: Instagram posts.

Fav thing about CF: Great workout routines, Saturday’s team workout, New friends in the community and the coaches they are really cool😊.

Favorite WOD: Fight gone bad.

Least fav WOD: None😜.

Favorite Movement: Deadlift.

Least fav Movement: OHS.

12 month goal: To do all movements perfectly.

Who do I nominate: Shelly


Athlete Profile: Bekah Morrow


Name:  Bekah Morrow

Occupation:  Eligibility Specialist at SOM

How you found SCF: my now Fiancé introduced me to Spartan after moving home from TN.

Favorite thing about CF: 1) I get a full body workout in an hour 2) it pushes me beyond my limits – physically and mentally and 3) the community

Favorite WOD: chief

Least favorite WOD: 2 RFT 1 mile sled drag 1 mile burden run (doing it at 5:30am in the rain didn’t help)

Favorite Movement: anything with a barbell and barfees

Least favorite movement: gymnastics movements

12 mo goal: continue to improve on gymnastics and body weight movements

Have I done the open? Will I do it again? I have. I absolutely will!

Who do I nominate? Shiva


Athlete Profile: Lainie Buckles!


Name: Lainie Buckles

Occupation: Domestic Goddess, i.e. Housekeeper

How you found SCF: Alex Martinez

Favorite thing about CF: The amazing, crazy for fitness, athletes I’ve met!

Favorite WOD: Anything Michael programs. He’s a genius. It’s been almost 3 years since I joined and he manages to keep challenging us while keeping workouts fresh.

Least favorite WOD: all of them 😉

Favorite movement: Clean and Jerk

Least favorite movement: Snatch

12 month goal: Flexibility!

Who you nominate: Bekah