4150 Hunsaker St., Suite A, East Lansing, MI 48823 (map)

Monday September 19- Friday September 23, 2016


we all know how fun Monday was 😂


press 5/3/1+


9/6/3 deadlifts and strict Pullups

3/2/1 resisted sprints


10 mins to true bear complex max load

2 min rest

OT:30 X 8:00 UB bear

OT 3:00  X 5

300 m run

6 snatch or CJ



deadlift 5/3/1+


7 DB squat cleans

21 dubs


15 mins to max snatch

15 mins to max CJ

2 rounds for time

400m sled drag + KB farmer carry

25 burpees for each time kbs are set down


Monday September 12- Friday September 16,2016

3/3/ max reps
@ 70/80/90%


EMOM for as long as possible
7 Thrusters
7 Pull ups
7 Burpees

Minimum Work requirement is 10 rounds. If you are unable to complete 10 rounds, rest as needed and continue till 10 rounds are completed.

3/3/ max reps

3 jerks
4 front squats
5 power cleans
30 push-ups
40 air squats
OT:30 x10mins
Hang snatch+ snatch+ OHS @70% of max snatch
OT:30 x10 mins
Hang clean + clean + front squat @70% of max clean

5 rounds
Max reps bench press
500m row

Deadlift 3/3/max reps

5 rounds for time
10 power cleans
10 bar burpees

Snatch pull+ hang snatch+ btn snatch push press + snatch balance to heaviest in 12 mins

10 deads
30 dubs


Saturday September 10, 2016

Part of today’s smashtime Saturday will be a team variation of our Dennis Rodeman remembrance WOD.
100 back squats for time.
Break as often as you need, but, complete the following every time you break:
9 DB bench press
9 box jumps
15 calorie row

One day Dennis joked with me about his legs, after brainstorming some ideas, we decided to “do” 100 back squats at 250 pounds. Our goal was 10 sets of 10 with minimal rest (only while the other worked) . Quickly became sets of 8 then 5 then 3. You get the point. Another time he came in and saw me trying “box jumps” I’m the corner, only we didn’t have plyo boxes at the Y, so I had one of those “step aerobic” steps stacked on like 30 risers. He was intrigued to say the least, and immediately showed off his jumping skills. He was also very strong on the bench, the DB bench was one of our faves.
Dennis passed on September 9, 2015 (9/9/15)
Modify as needed, use a rack if you need to, just make sure you:
1. Give it your all
2. Smile as often as possible
That’s how I remember him.