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Back Squat: 1X5@75%, 1X3@85%, 1xMax Effort@95%, rest as needed
1) Front Squat: 3×10
2) Glute/Ham Raises: 3×20




Make up Either the Deadlift or the Strict press From Monday and Tuesday 5/3/max @75/85/95% working max.
If you will miss Thursday or Friday You can do
Back squat (Thurs)
Bench Press (Fri)
Both 5/3/MAX @ 75/85/95% of working max

TRIBE!! In an effort to maximize the efficiency of our time, we have made a couple tweaks to how we have been doing the power segment to the wod’s. Rather than just allow an arbitrary amount of time to complete (where not everyone gets to complete all of the work) we will knock out both the power lifting and the accessories as a group with structured rest periods and work times. Also, Please come in prepared with all of your percentages and weights figured before class. This will save time, after the warm up you will already know the first weight to load your bar to, or to warm up to. It will also give you a bit of a mental edge on the loads! You can prep yourself mentally and psych yourself up for all of the max effort lifts well in advance! DO WORK TRIBE!!


Tuesday August 19, 2014

Strict Press: 1X5@75%, 1X3@85%, 1xMax Effort@95%, rest as needed
1A) 3X10 Weighted Strict Pull-Ups, AHAP – rest 90 sec.
1B) 3X10Weighted Sit-Ups, AHAP- rest 90 sec. (Put feet through heavy Dumbells and hold a third Dumbell to the top of your head)