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Athlete Profile: Shiva Kumar

Name:  Shiva Kumar

(pronounced shiv-ah, like someone from Boston saying “shiver”)fullsizeoutput_1d36

Occupation: Software engineer.

How you found SCF: Instagram posts.

Fav thing about CF: Great workout routines, Saturday’s team workout, New friends in the community and the coaches they are really cool😊.

Favorite WOD: Fight gone bad.

Least fav WOD: None😜.

Favorite Movement: Deadlift.

Least fav Movement: OHS.

12 month goal: To do all movements perfectly.

Who do I nominate: Shelly


Athlete Profile: Bekah Morrow


Name:  Bekah Morrow

Occupation:  Eligibility Specialist at SOM

How you found SCF: my now Fiancé introduced me to Spartan after moving home from TN.

Favorite thing about CF: 1) I get a full body workout in an hour 2) it pushes me beyond my limits – physically and mentally and 3) the community

Favorite WOD: chief

Least favorite WOD: 2 RFT 1 mile sled drag 1 mile burden run (doing it at 5:30am in the rain didn’t help)

Favorite Movement: anything with a barbell and barfees

Least favorite movement: gymnastics movements

12 mo goal: continue to improve on gymnastics and body weight movements

Have I done the open? Will I do it again? I have. I absolutely will!

Who do I nominate? Shiva


Athlete Profile: Lainie Buckles!


Name: Lainie Buckles

Occupation: Domestic Goddess, i.e. Housekeeper

How you found SCF: Alex Martinez

Favorite thing about CF: The amazing, crazy for fitness, athletes I’ve met!

Favorite WOD: Anything Michael programs. He’s a genius. It’s been almost 3 years since I joined and he manages to keep challenging us while keeping workouts fresh.

Least favorite WOD: all of them 😉

Favorite movement: Clean and Jerk

Least favorite movement: Snatch

12 month goal: Flexibility!

Who you nominate: Bekah