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18.4 open Sunday



Athlete Profile: Lenore

Name: Lenore Namou

Occupation: Full time weightlifter; part time studentĀ IMG_0503

How you found SCF: Raptis fam

Fav thing about CF: Pat and Emma

Favorite WOD: Isabel

Least fav WOD: Crossfit

Favorite Movement: Snatch

Least fav Movement: Ring Muscle Ups

12 month goal: Do a wod

Something interesting about me: My moped got stolen

Who you nominate: Kyle



18.3 will be announced at 8pm on Thursday. I will have all info regarding next Sunday posted to Instagram and the website by 5pm on Friday night. If you plan to wod/ judge next Sunday, there will be a spot on the board starting Monday to let us know you plan to judge and or wod so we can include you in the order