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2017 CrossFit games Open, week 1

5 minutes of pull-ups for max reps
4 minutes for max burpees over the bar
3 minutes for max thrusters


50wall ball shots

3 rounds for time
15 power clean
45 dubs
15 jerks
45 dubs

then 50 wall ball shots


2000m row for time
5 HSPU otm

17.1 πŸŒͺπŸŒͺπŸŒͺπŸŒͺπŸŒ‹πŸŒ‹πŸŒ‹πŸŒ‹


Monday February 13- Friday February 17, 2017


Athlete profiles 2017: #5 :Β Erica Baca
– hometown
Salt Lake City, UT
– occupation
Lead, Software Developer at Jackson National
– how you found CF
I was spending time with by best friend Sheila in Salt Lake City. She had just started Crossfit and took me to her gym. I enjoyed it and looked for a box when I got home. I found Spartan and the rest is history.
– favorite thing about CF
CrossFit keeps me in shape for so many other activities. For example, my running pace improved by 2 minutes per mile even though I don’t run regularly.
– favorite wod
Surrender Dorthy. I also like the hero WODs Murph and Michael
– least favorite wod
Anything with a painful amount of wall balls
-Favorite movement
Running, GHD Sit-ups, Barfees
-least favorite movement
Rowing, wall balls,
-goal for 2017
Double unders and lifting heavier
– have you done the open? Will you do it again?
No, but I plan to do it this year!
– who would you like to nominate to answer these next?
Jacqui Carroll

15:00 amrap
20cal ad/200m run/ 250 row (alternating)
15 hang squat cleans
5 muscle ups

Amrap 13:00
55 deads
55 wall ball
55 cal row
55 hspu

Amrap 14:00
60 cal row
50 TTB
40 wall ball
30 power cleans
20 muscle ups

30 mins to max back squat
Run 5K



Quick schedule adjustment for tomorrow, Saturday February 11, 2017

Smashtime Saturday will be held at 11:30am today rather than at 10am. This is this weekend only. I hope to see you all at the slightly later time from some brutally awesome wods. We will run a smooth class and finish by 1 pm. Thanks Tribe!