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TRIBE! We are going to start something new this week, all of our workouts are measurable by time, loads and work capacity! We have been talking about putting the scale options in each wod as a Scale RX, rather than leaving it for each athlete to decide. This way you will have a better understanding of the wod’s intended stimulus and it will be easier to replicate and retest in order to determine if the next level is right for you! For example, today’s wod has barbells and rope climbs, each barbell movement has an intended load to help achieve the correct stimulus, there are also two other loads RX’d as scale options. These should be your only options when considering what loads to place on your bar. If an RX Alpha athlete will get 7 rounds of today’s WOD, and I choose the Alpha loads and get 3 rounds, not the same stimulus! Same scenario only I choose the Bravo load and get 6 rounds +5 reps, that’s more like it! When retesting this wod in the future, Once my score starts to creep toward 10 or 11 rounds, the bar is too light and I should go to the next level. Please make it a point to stick to the load and scaling options, avoid starting at a load too heavy and stripping weight! Also avoid loading the bar to 125 if the RX’s call for 135/115/95. Stick to the program and see how it impacts your training!

Connectivity 0:00-12:00

Straight Body Back Hold on Boxes 3×0:30on :30 off

Straight Body Front Hold on Boxes 3×0:30 on :30 off

Handstand Hold with Chin and Toes touching wall 6×0:20 rest :40 between holds


Deadlift: 16-29 (2 mins each warm up set/3 mins each work set)

Warm up sets 1×5@45% 1×5@55%

Work sets 1X5@75%, 1X3@85%, 1xMax Effort@95%

Accessory 29-40

3X10 Bent Row – heaviest possible Save time and use your deadlift bar for this lift, then use it for your backsquat in the metcon
3X10 Back Ext  – heaviest possible

MetCon 42-57:00

AMRAP in 15:00

15 Back squat

1 Rope Climb

10 Bench Press

Back Squat loads

Scales and Progressions:

men: Alpha 135 Bravo 105 Charlie 75

Women: Alpha 105 Bravo 75 Charlie 55

Bench Loads:

Men: Alpha 115 Bravo 95 Charlie 65

Women: Alpha 95 Bravo 65 Charlie  45

Rope Climbs: Alpha 15 Foot Rope Climb Bravo 3 rope Lowers and 3 wall walks Charlie 3 rope lowers


Smashtime Saturday v.9.0

4 rounds

row 500m

run 400m

rest 1 minute

20 minute cap

rest 5 minutes

then for as long as possible, OTM

4 deadlifts

3 hang power cleans

2 front squats

1 S2O

A) 155/105

B) 115/85

C) 95/65



Static Shaping 0:00-2:00

2×0:40 Hands and Feet Hollow Hold :20 rest

Skills and Drills  2:00-7:00

3×8 Arch to Hollow Med Ball Throws 20/14#

Conditioning 7:00-11:00

For 4:00; 0:20 Hollow Rocks, 0:10 Rest

5@35% 15:00-17:00

5@45% 17:00-19:00

3@70% 19:00-21:00

3@80% 21:00-23:00

ME@90% 23:00-25:00

Accessories 25:00-35:00

3x 20 leg throw downs

3 x ME l-sit under bar

MetCon 35:00- 55:00

For time:
21-18-15-12 reps Deadlifts 225/155
Run 400m after each round
20:00 cap