4150 Hunsaker St., Suite A, East Lansing, MI 48823 (map)

Athlete Profile: Jacob Georges

Name: Jacob Georges

Occupation: Freshman at MSU pursuing a mechanical engineering degreefullsizeoutput_1f8f

How you found SCF:  I previously did CF back at home, so when I decided I was going to attend MSU I searched for the closest CF affiliate near the campus and spartan crossfit popped up.  I’m glad i found it cuz the gym and people are great!!

Fav thing about CF:  I like crossfit because it gives me the opportunity to improve myself everyday. Every time I walk into the gym I realize just how much stuff I’m not very good at.  When I’m able to turn one of those weaknesses into a strength, the feeling of all that hard work paying off is what keeps me motivated.

Favorite WOD: 17.1 (DB snatches and BBJO)

Least fav WOD:  Any with heavy thrusters

Favorite Movement:  Pistols

Least fav Movement:  Rope climbs

12 month goal:  Improve my strength all-round especially with Olympic lifts

Who do I nominate: I nominate Austin!


Athlete Profile: Billy Buddle

Name: Billy Buddle

Occupation: Data Analytics at Consumers Energyfullsizeoutput_1f82

How you found SCF: Google, I had planned to try out multiple boxes in the area to find the best fit for me. After a couple weeks, I realized SCF gave me the opportunity to meet my goals.

Fav thing about CF: I’ve liked everything thus far! I really like the community atmosphere and the competition aspect of crossfit.

Favorite WOD: I enjoy cardio WODs. Anything with a little cardio programmed into it.

Least fav WOD: Any with a lot of rowing.

Favorite Movement: deadlifts & Prowler pushes

Least fav Movement: Rowing

12 month goal: Improve flexibility and get stronger on Olympic lifts.

Who I nominate: Jacob!


Athlete Profile: Evan Guay

Name:  Evan Guay

fullsizeoutput_1f1dOccupation: I’m a student (3rd year medical student and PhD candidate in Anthropology), and I paint.

How you found SCF: Some of my classmates and I had started a “gym” as relief from med school, but then they were dispersed to hospitals across the state, and I remained in East Lansing to tend to my research. After a few months of working out alone, Jacqui Carroll slowly started to reel me in—first with a couple punch cards; then I was talked into a membership; and then I was talked into participating in the Open. I’m hooked.

Fav thing about CF: I hadn’t realized it before coming to SCF, but I really missed competitive athletics. SCF gives me that physical stimulus, along with a sense of community and camaraderie, and the programming and instruction drive me toward improvement… Plus it allows me to mentally check-out.

Favorite WOD: I tend to like WODs with non-weighted cardio, jumping, and moderate loads & reps of Olympic lifts.

Least Favorite WOD: Those that take a very long time or involve high rep chest-to-bar pull-ups, cuz they invariably tear up my hands

Favorite Movement: box jumps?

Least Favorite Movement:  pulling a weighted sled while holding an asymmetric barbell overhead.

12 month goal: increase my max lifts, learn to walk on my hands

Who I nominate: Bill!