4150 Hunsaker St., Suite A, East Lansing, MI 48823 (map)

Monday May 23- Friday May 27,2016

Percentages: 60-70-80-85-90-95-95% (3/2/2/2/2/2/2)
Except Friday: 70-80-90-95-75-85-95 (3/2/2/2/2/2/2)

Front squat
“Heavy Cindy”
1 clean + jerk
1 round of Cindy
2 clean + jerk
1 round of Cindy
….amrap 20

Clean and jerk
4 rounds total
:60 snatch
:60 rest
:60 bar muscle ups
:60 rest
:60 bent over barbell rows

Snatch with 3 seconds pause at the knee
Back squat
21 wall ball
18 pull ups
15 kettlebell swings
12 hspu

Clean and jerk with 3 sec pause at the knee
Squat cleans
Ring dips

Clean and jerk
Front squat

For time
21-18-15-12-9 of
Overhead squats
Bar facing Burpee 24″
Toe to bar


Monday May 16- Friday May 20, 2016




Tribe! A few news and notes to share first:
Now that classes have ended for MSU this semester, the evening classes are a bit smaller, we have pondered what to do for a while. Change nothing, was an option. Consolidate the 430-530-630 classes to 5pm and 6pm was another. I’d like to leave it as is for now, but move the 730 foundations option to 630 on Monday and Wednesday and Friday, and those times are still available as open gym time for non foundations athletes to come in and do the WODs. Again, you can still come in at 630, however the coach may be working primarily with foundations athletes, but will still be available to answer any questions you may have.
Second, with the CF games forthcoming, the training for that will begin this week. Anyone interested in training the way that Semma will be training will have that option available to them on the whiteboard each day, however, the same rules will apply to any of you that apply to Semma, the sessions must be split up into a minimum of two sessions each day. The work is not to be done in one session. I’d be happy to have the discussion about volume vs. intensity with anyone contemplating taking on these extra workouts in less than two sessions. 🤓
Percentages this week: 60/70/75/80/85/80% X 2 reps
1) power snatch
2) front squat
3) for time:
100 thrusters
*otm X1 rope climb
4) split jerks

1) power clean
2) deadlift
3) “Nancy” or “naughty Nancy”
400m run
15 OHS
600m sandbag run
15 OHS

1) snatch
2) back squat
3) for time:
200 double unders
75 push press
200 double unders
4) halting clean pulls 3 secs off floor, 3 secs at knee (add 10% to each percentage)

1) clean and jerk
2) for time:
80 wallball
40 deadlifts
20 hang squat snatch
10 rope climbs

3) halting snatch pull 3 secs off floor, 3 secs at knee (add 10% to each percentage)

1) snatch from knee
2) clean from knee
3) “Hell-In”
1200 m run
63 kettlebell swings
36 Pullups
Run 800
42 kbs
24 Pullups
Run 400m
21 kbs
12 Pullups
4) front squat + jerk (use jerk percentages)


Monday May 9-Friday May 13,2016

Snatch from knee 3x 60/70/80/90/90/80%
Jerk drives 3x 70/80/90/100/110/110%
Clean pulls 3x 70/80/90/100/110/110%

Amrap 15
8ghd sit-ups
20′ oh walking lunge
8 stone to shoulder
20′ ohwl

*every 3 Mins 60m prowler push

Clean from knee
Split jerks
Front squats
All 3x 60/70/80/90/90/80%

Amrap 6
4 lateral burps
2 power cleans

60/70/80/85/90/90+ (new 3rm)

100m walking lunge
50 double unders
25 kbs

Clean and jerk
Back squat
3x 60/70/80/85/90/90+
3x 60/60/80/90/90/80

30 push ups
15 OHS
Snatch balance
60/70/80/90/90/80 x3

1000m row
10 rope climbs
800m run
8 rope climbs
60 Ghd sit-ups
6 rope climbs
40 cal airdyne
4 rope climbs
20 burpees
2 rope climbs


(DF cred BB)