4150 Hunsaker St., Suite A, East Lansing, MI 48823 (map)

22 Dec:   12 Days of Christmas WOD

22 Dec:   Tribe holiday party

24 Dec:   Closed

25 Dec:   Closed

31 Jan:   Closed

1 Jan:     Closed


Athlete Profile: Nick

Name: Nick Butterworth (Butters)

Occupation: Student

How you found SCF: Looked for gyms around Michigan State

Fav thing about CF: The community

Favorite WOD: 18.3 (double unders, overhead squats, muscle ups)

Least fav WOD: Helen

Favorite Movement: Pull-ups

Least fav Movement: Assault bike

12 month goal: Stay consistent with working out

Something interesting about me: I like jeeps and sports

Who is next: Colin



12/7 Friday

Check SugarWOD for the WOD!