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Thursday schedule update

Tribe, there won’t be any 630 “open gym” tonight. 430/530 are still going. We apologize for any inconvenience


Athlete Profile: Lenore

Name: Lenore Namou

Occupation: Full time weightlifter; part time student IMG_0503

How you found SCF: Raptis fam

Fav thing about CF: Pat and Emma

Favorite WOD: Isabel

Least fav WOD: Crossfit

Favorite Movement: Snatch

Least fav Movement: Ring Muscle Ups

12 month goal: Do a wod

Something interesting about me: My moped got stolen

Who you nominate: Kyle


Athlete Profile: Drew

Name: Drew Johnson

Occupation: freshman at MSU IMG_0113

How you found SCF: a junior in a level 100 class told me about SCF

Fav thing about CF: Michael

Favorite WOD: Helen (run, KBS, pull-ups)

Least fav WOD: 15.5 (rowing and thrusters)

Favorite Movement: running

Least fav Movement: thrusters

12 month goal: to not be as small

Something interesting about me: I make my own cold brew coffee

Who is next: Lenore