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Rise and Grind


We are trying out a new class time this week!  There is a lot of interest, but who will rise to the occasion?

Introducing 5am.


6am going forward

tribe, our 6am class has been pretty sparse lately, so much so that we will be rebooting our RSVP requirement for that class time. If you plan to attend that class time any day, please rsvp to Michael at 517-402-1927 by midnight the night before you plan to attend. I will come in for any number of people 1- 100, but i just need to know in advance. Thanks tribe!


Athlete Profile: Austin Pond

Name: Austin Pond

Occupation: Junior at MSU, MI Army National Guard (11B)IMG_5042

How you found SCF: I started CF in the spring of 2015, so when I moved to MSU I searched up boxes in the area. Dropped in at ELCF, and then Spartan. I made the easy decision and got a membership here at SCF.

Favorite thing about CF: The every day challenge, the community and friends, Michael’s quotes from The Office, Open szn, and that it made me a little less weak.

Favorite WOD: 17.3 (C2B Pull-ups and Squat Snatches)

Least Favorite WOD: Welbourn (heavy deads, strict pull-ups, resisted sprints) or Fran (pull-ups and thrusters)

Favorite Movement: Snatch, especially heavy

Least Favorite Movement: Thrusters

12 Month Goal: Be stronger than Pat

Who I nominate: Broseph